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Huge update to 'Arda Marred'

by ardamir — published Jul 24, 2014 03:55 PM, last modified Aug 02, 2015 09:30 PM
the purist table-top Arda RPG!

The main game mechanics, now covered by the Rulebook's 'Main Rules' chapter into which all the old chapters 'The Attribute, Personality Attribute and Skills Rolls', 'Personality' and 'Skills' have been incorporated, have been almost completely redesigned and are now more stream-lined. The old system was influenced a lot by 'Basic Role-playing' and used mostly D20s; the new one is very much our own and uses D6s instead. The objective is now to score as high as possible instead of low. The game's main concepts are now Characters and Objects, which are associated with Aspects, of which each has a Level. Modifiers have been scratched, since that functionality is now covered by Aspects. There are still Attributes and Personality Attributes (now called Personality Traits), but the Skills have been replaced by Action Experiences, and what characters now perform in the game are called Actions, all of which are covered by just a table. The senses were part of the Attributes before but have now a group of their own called Senses. For Objects there is also a new group called Properties. All of these are now Aspects. The timing system in the old 'Combat and Wounds' chapter has been reshaped into a generic 'Beat-based Timing' system included in the new 'Timing' chapter, while all combat actions will henceforth appear in the Actions table. This means that the Rulebook does not have any specific combat chapter any more. The 'Timing' chapter also covers what happens in between Adventures. A table showing all Action Experiences for which it is possible to gain Experience Points has now been included in the 'Experience, Ageing and Earnings' chapter. This means that tables in the 'Character and Object Creation' chapter showing the Peoples' and the Professions' (now called Occupations) respective modifiers for Skills are no longer needed.