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About Arda Marred

by merpadmin published Aug 02, 2015 08:40 PM, last modified Jun 27, 2021 06:51 AM
A tabletop role-playing game set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Arda


 Has been in development since 2006
 Attributes, Personality Traits, Senses, Skills, Actions
 Spells solely from Tolkien’s writings, somewhat inspired by The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game
 Strives to be extremely faithful to Tolkien’s writings


 Middle-earth peoples carefully researched and designed to be true to Tolkien’s writings — no balance of power between peoples
 Currently 11 ‘Tolkienish’ Occupations to choose from including Gardener, no balance of power between Occupations
 Not restricted to play in 3rd age Middle-earth, but allows playing in any time also in Beleriand, Númenor and Aman
 The earlier the age, the stronger the characters
● ‘Fading’ for Elves and Dúnedain
 Almost HârnMaster-like grittiness and realism
 Senses such as Sight, Hearing and Sense of Smell
 Seldom implemented actions such as Decision Making and Travelling
 Carefully researched and designed weapons, armour and turnless combat system
 Almost complete weariness system
 Rules for the ‘daily lives’ of the Player Characters
 Personality Traits resembling those in Pendragon
 Extensive background for Player Characters, including annals and a name generation system true to Tolkien’s writings
 Very extensive and carefully researched equipment list drawn from ...and a 10-Foot Pole
 Rulebook is illustrated by Ted Nasmith and Anke-Katrin Eissmann (with permission)

Below are download links for the Rulebook and Character Sheet.

Rulebook (27 June 2021) [PDF]
Character Sheet (27 June 2021) [PDF]