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Arda Marred Update: Place of Abode

by Ardamir published Jun 12, 2012 02:45 PM, last modified Aug 02, 2015 08:55 PM
Place of Abode

We decided to add Lossarnach to the Places of Abode for Dúnedain of the South, because there are indications that not only Men of non-Númenórean descent lived there, but also Dúnedain; Bergil's grandfather lived there, and Ioreth and her kinswoman were originally from Lossarnach. These were probably of pure Númenórean descent due to their Sindarin names. Also, Morwen, wife of Thengel of Rohan, was from Lossarnach, but she was in origin descended from the people of Dol Amroth. In most places Tolkien refers to these as being Dúnedain, but in a late note they are described as being "Middle Men".

We also added "the vale of Erui" and "the vale of Sirith" to the Places of Abode for Men of Lossarnach (and Dúnedain of the South), since Lossarnach is described by Tolkien as being "about the sources of Sirith and Erui" in his unfinished index for LOTR.