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Game Master Types

by merpadmin published Mar 07, 2016 10:25 PM, last modified Mar 07, 2016 10:46 PM
There are many stereotypes of various kinds of Game Masters / Dungeon Masters. Some are inevitable stages of learning that new GM's are likely to go through, others are GM styles that some GM's just can't seem to stop repeating. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to suggest others to include in this list.

Munchkin GM


Monty Haul GM



Whining Munchkin GM



Killer GM



Executioner GM



Troublemaker GM



Cheater GM


Die Modifier GM



Enforcer GM



Novice GM




Verbose GM



Poker Face GM



No Poker Face GM



Timid GM



DePalma school of Blood and Gore GM



Gibson school of Writing Graduate GM


Vengeful GM



AD&D'er GM[+]



Anti-AD&D'er GM[+]



Stickler For Detail GM


No Originality GM



Leading and Overbearing GM


Schmuck GM

"Oh. Can someone really do that? Okay, I'll let you have a 50% chance. Oh. Okay, 75% then."


Ghoul GM


Absolute Monarch GM



Unimaginative GM



Design Zealot GM




This page started originally from the site: 
"The 28 Types of Game Masters". 
by Scott Butler and J.D. Frazer, their last update was clear back on 4-25-89

This page details those 28 and more!

Feel free to post examples under each type, and/or list new types to be added!

Have fun with it.