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Privacy Policy

by merpadmin published Mar 07, 2016 10:12 PM, last modified Mar 07, 2016 10:12 PM
We are anti spam, and very protective of everyone's privacy (more so than most commercial organizations by far). We will never trade or sell your information, anonymous or otherwise, to anyone. Your privacy is far, far, safer here than, for example, on Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Since we are a completely volunteer run organization (running since the 1980's as a BBS, and fully on the Internet since 1998), we do not have the lawyers to create a complex, overly detailed, legalese, obfuscating and confusing privacy policy. Though many thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation  ( ) for their help and support in 2004, and being available when we really need them. Please consider going to their website and donating as they continue the fight for digital rights and online freedom.

Our privacy policy just attempts to make it clear where we stand.

We are completely anti-spam. We hate, despise, abhor spammers and any of their supporters.

We do all we can to ignore, block, (and would nuke them if we could get away with it) and stop them.

We never EVER give your information to anyone outside of the volunteer staff. And really, since the data is encrypted, you as the user have to specifically request items such as password resets etc, and we do not get to see those passwords.

Your data we "keep it secret, keep it safe".

This is a volunteer run site with ZERO monetary interests, so we have ZERO interest in giving your info to any third parties or partners. Period.

All email lists and website membership subscriptions are handled by you the user and are verified by a confirmation email sent to the registered address, with directions on confirmation.

Email lists are OPT-IN, with verification, rather than opt-out.

If you have any problems, questions or complaints, please do not hesitated to email us at:

Website issues: webmaster at merp dot com

Email issues: postmaster at merp dot com

If you are unable to email us because your email or ISP is being blocked by our spam filters, you can use the alternative (or vice versa), you can try the back email at: email address of merpdotcom at gmail dot com, or post on the forums, or use the chatrooms.

The community survives and thrives solely based on your involvement in the community. Many thanks for your support and patronage for so many years. International Volunteer Team