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About Hawke

by merpadmin published Mar 07, 2016 09:59 PM, last modified Mar 07, 2016 09:59 PM
Founder of the Eä Tolkien Society, Other Minds Magazine, Tolkien Moot annual convention, Eä RPG, and other Tolkien communities.

Hawke first started role-playing gaming in 1979. 

He has played and GM'd/DM'd (game-mastered/dungeon-mastered) most gaming systems in a wide range of genres, but he prefers fantasy, and most especially Tolkien settings, for long term campaigns. 

A brief summary of some systems/settings include: D&D/AD&D, MERPS/RM2/RMSS/RMFRP, Harnmaster, Call of Cthulu, Paranoia, Star Wars, Elric/Stormbringer, Mechwarrior, Battletech, Robotech, Car Wars (modifed to be more RPG style), Robin Hood, Top Secret SI, Thieves' World, Elfquest, and many others. He makes it clear that he doesn't care what system he plays, as much as the quality of the role-players and GMs, with more emphasis on role-playing and less on "hack and slash" style of play. 

More detailed information about his RPGing can be found 

He has worked in a number of professions including Automotive Technician and College Instructor for the American Autmotive Institute, professional fashion photographer, various venues in the medical profession, and information technology. 

He has a degree in Computer Science, and has a number of certifications (ASE, SANS-GIAC-GCIH, MCSE, MCP+I, CNA, SCSA, PT5SC, to list a few). He has had executive positions for other companies, and owned his own businesses. He is also a music composer and musician playing a wide range of styles and instruments, including guitar, bass, keyboard, Native American woodflute, harmonica, drums, vocals, and electronic music. He also has weekly shows as a DJ for NEKKID Radio. Additionally he has been an actor in a wide range of theater performances and video, and he hopes to get opportunities as a voice actor in coming years. 

He is currently working on relevant degrees and certifications to become a Recreational & Music Therapist working with children and juveniles with learning, emotional, and other disabilities. 

Hawke originally founded in 1998 before handing it off to the volunteer team members, and he took over the silent-tower MERP mailing list from the by Mario some time later when the servers had gone silent, and also handed that off to the team as well. He originally started the idea of, and helped grow and hand off,, to an international team of volunteers, dedicated to helping promote role-playing in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.